Solitaire rules

  1. There are 52 Joker cards in four colours on the board ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦. Each color contains thirteen cards beginning with the lowest value of A. It is followed by cards with numerical values from 2 to 10. The thirteen is concluded with the highest values of J, Q and K.
  2. The goal is to successfully and in the shortest time save the cards into four clusters indicated above. In each cluster must be cards of the same colour and ranked from the lowest value A (on the bottom) to the highest K (on the top).
  3. You can pick cards one by one from the pack and each card either directly insert into the targeted cluster or into one of a seven auxiliary clusters at the bottom of the board. Into the lower clusters you can add one or a number of cards from another auxiliary cluster with a value lower by one number to the other and with the opposite colour (black, red) than is a card on the top of the auxiliary cluster.
  4. Into the empty auxiliary cluster you can add only card K, or a series of cards with a card K on the bottom.